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Pride Parade 2014

One of the organizations I give to via the university charity drive is the Columbus chapter of Stonewall. Apparently, this year I gave them enough money to get a free dog tag to get into the Columbus Pride festival, so it seemed like as good a year as any to check it out :-)

Pride Weekend ended up being crazy for me (thanks, GM), so I only went to the parade, and only for about an hour or so. But I still quite enjoyed it - it was lovely to see that many people all wanting to get along with each other. I'm sure there were protesters around somewhere, but quite obviously, they were not out in force.

Pride Parade 2014 Pride Parade 2014 Pride Parade 2014

If you're in Columbus, Out of the Closet is an excellent thrift store. You should go.

Pride Parade 2014

This is where a lot of people got choked up early on...

Pride Parade 2014

... and this was one of my favorite parts.

Pride Parade 2014

All of the sports teams showed up.

Pride Parade 2014 Pride Parade 2014

And of course: George Takei.

Pride Parade 2014 Pride Parade 2014

Because everything is better with George Takei. Happy Pride!

Randomly on a Tuesday

Apparently I either blog about events, or I throw random things at you and run away. May as well embrace the pattern, right? :-)

Breaking Bad
I finished the series this past weekend. I... don't get the hype. I mean, it was a good show, and the first two seasons were great, but... well. Apparently I can't get over the idea that someone with lung cancer would have to resort to meth cooking to pay medical bills. Welcome to America.

Season 3 is on Netflix. I know how I'm spending my evenings this week.

My biggest recently completed project is a wedding gift, so we'll have to hold off on showing that to you until after the party. But here, have some obnoxiously bright socks I made for Afghans for Afghans.


And here's yet more proof that, if a dye can break, I will break it. No matter what.


Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid in Scary Blackberry. Which comes out of the packet black-purple and turns into brown and teal on yarn. I no longer have any respect for people who let their kids drink kool-aid, by the way. Nobody should be ingesting that stuff. It's great for yarn though :-)

After a month and a half of waiting for parts, I'm finally getting my ignition switch fixed this weekend. Thanks, GM. You've pretty much guaranteed I will avoid you for the rest of my car-buying days. Speaking of, I should start saving for a new car. This one's hit 118,000 miles recently, and I have a feeling (knocks on wood) that it won't make it to 200,000.

Force Majeure

To round out a May of Doing All The Things: Eddie Izzard's new comedy show Force Majeure, again at the Palace Theater.

Eddie Izzard

And yes. I was ridiculously close to the stage. Like, six rows back? It was amazing.

I love this guy. Like, I think we could be friends. And it would be awesome.

Eddie Izzard

I'm not sure I remember which part this was, but it could well be preparing the human sacrifice, pastry-chef-style.

There's also doing the math on how many "men" are in the Fellowship of the Ring. Turns out, it's about 3.6 or so.

Eddie Izzard

Though I think my favorite part was "an Indian accent on marijuana results in a Welsh accent. A Welsh accent on cocaine, conversely, sounds like an Indian accent." Go on, think about it. It's totally true.

And instead of all hanging around the stage door for a Q&A session, we got a planned Q&A in the lobby.

Eddie Izzard

Favorite question: "What happened to jam, and what's up with Steve?"
Favorite answer, unrelated: "Right now, I'm a bit obsessed with noises. Hence the recurring chicken theme."

Yes, there was a recurring chicken theme. It had metal legs, and advised Caesar on military strategy, among other things. Which... makes perfect sense in context. I promise.

The Masque

A year and a half ago, a Ravelry friend offered me a free ticket to see a concert of original music inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe at a local theater. I may have gushed about it back then :-) The theater group, Shadowbox Live, was looking for a ballet company to create choreography to go with the music, and a performance was held last year, with Verb Ballets in Cleveland. This week, they finally had a show in Columbus.

Ann, the friend who had initially introduced me to Shadowbox (via just this concert), couldn't go, so I took myself out on a date :-)


I love the Palace. It's such a pretty theater, especially for cool shows like this. And I had an amazing seat, just about 15 rows from the stage.

IMG_0938 IMG_0939

And what a show it was. Pretty, beautifully done, and a great first ballet to go to (unless I've been to a ballet before and don't remember, which is sort of possible). (Photos shamelessly stolen from Shadowbox.)

In case you're wondering, the Shadowbox link above has a music sample, and the whole album is available on iTunes. You should check it out. My favorite is probably "The System of Dr. Tarr & Professor Fether," but "Annabel Lee" is also just gorgeous.

Now I can't wait to see Eddie Izzard... next week? Goodness. The seat for that is going to be even more amazing. I think I may be in Row D or something equally ridiculously close.

Randomly on a Tuesday

Spider-Man 2
At first, I really liked it. And then it was surprisingly sweet and romantic and funny. And then I wanted to burn all copies of it with a blowtorch. So, that evens out to "it was ok" I guess?

I sent off a box to Afghans for Afghans.


And donated a skein of handdyed yarn to the Yarn Harlot's karmic balancing gifts.


And did I mention I'm running a 5k for charity in the middle of August? Because I am.

Picking a 1000-page book as part of a reading challenge that counts the number of books you read may have been a terrible idea. Then again, it's going quickly. May have something to do with the 3 hours I spent at the shop getting my car fixed this weekend.

I seem to have missed spring. Or maybe we just didn't have one. At this point, it's 88 degrees, and I hate it. This does not bode well for actual summer.

Science is awesome
You can now see what the ISS crew is seeing (unless there's a camera outage).

Good grief, Gally

Today was hotel room day for Gallifrey One 2015. Otherwise known as Gallygeddon: the Bloodbath.

Seriously. By the time I copied and pasted the group code into the Marriott website, the hotel was basically sold out. By the time I clicked the link to the overflow hotel, I could no longer get all of the dates I wanted.

So I made a reservation at the Hilton :-)

Yes, I'm disappointed we won't be in the convention hotel, but the Hilton is literally next door past a parking garage, and costs basically the same amount of money. It'll be fine.

Mad props to Gally staff for running that popular of a convention. I already can't wait for February.

Here we go again

Another year, another Be The Match 5k. As many of you already know, last year's 5k was the first 5k I ever ran - really, the first anything I ever ran. This year, the plan is to be in better shape than last year, but everything else is the same. I torture myself into running - admittedly, it's kind of starting to be fun, though not a lot of fun - and you donate money to make me feel guilty when I don't do a training run as I'd planned to do. This year, I'm setting us two challenges.

I will beat last year's time of 47 minutes 11 seconds. You will beat last year's donations of $269. Deal? Deal.

You can click the shiny picture button below to find out specifically why I run this particular 5k, and of course donate right at the website there.

If you can, please donate. It's a great cause. It's a highly rated charity. And you'll be one of the fabulously sadistic people who prod me off the couch and onto the bike trail every other day. You know you want to torture me. Go ahead, I don't mind. It's the least I can do in honor of a much-loved family member.
I'm totally stealing this idea from Ysolda's blog, where she currently has other knitting designers write about ten things, other than knitting, that they love. But it's a fun idea! What are your ten things?

I blame my grandpa, who would let me get the last sip of his black, sugary coffee every morning when I stayed with my grandparents. And my mum, who basically lives on the stuff. Funny enough, for being a constructed Midwestern city, Columbus has a lot of really great coffee, from the cheap stuff at the local donut shop to $3 pourovers at the fancy roastery in the hip part of town.

I know, everyone says it. But I really do. Not just the big tourist destinations (though I can't wait to get a chance to go back to London), but pretty much anywhere. Some of my favorite parts of vacation are going off the beaten path, confusing locals with questions of "if you were going out for breakfast tomorrow, where would you go," and eating more diner food than anyone should legally have the right to. At this point, I've got lots of travel plans just in the US, from rural New Hampshire to a driving spree through the Pacific Northwest, and I can't wait to work my way down the list.

Just about any kind of food, really. I love trying new restaurants, new styles of food, new things to eat (even if it's a "once, but never again" sort of thing). Columbus, again, is great for this. People here love good food, and there's loads and loads of options.

Anything from pets to exotic animals at the zoo. It probably helps that I'm good with animals, and they generally tend to like me, but even without that, I love watching them. 99% of the time, I leave with some reason to say "that's so cool."

Science is awesome. I've been watching Cosmos, and even though I know most of the stuff they bring up in some way already, I love how much that show is in the same camp as me. Science, and nature, and the universe, are pretty damn glorious. No matter how little any of them care about us as humans. I'm ok with that.

Movies & TV
After a couple of years of "yet another reality show," TV has gone back to being really really awesome. So many good stories to be told, so many great actors to watch, so many good writers telling old stories in interesting new ways. I love that TV has come back as a great medium to be into, and that it's not just the premium channels like HBO doing all the great work. And many of those great TV shows have been the reason I've met new friends.

Pick up a block of paper, sit down with that and a cup of tea, be instantly transported to Westeros, or Middle Earth, or a Chicago where magic is real. How fabulous is that?

Family & Friends
Those two really go together for me - living so far away from my actual family, my friends have become an extended family, and many of them have been just as supportive for me as one would expect family members to be. I'm really lucky to have so many amazing people in my life, some of whom I haven't even met away from the web (yet).

The Internet
Wait, what? Yes, I mean that. Without the internet, I'd have way fewer of those amazing friends in my life. I'd know much less about the things I love, from knitting to books to traveling to science. And I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with far-flung family as easily as I can with that bit of technology. Is it full of trolls and stupid hackers trying to use it for evil? Sure. But people still run telephone and mail scams, so really, where's the difference. I'd rather try to be a positive voice online than let the morons drive me away.

Jeans & T-shirts & Sneakers
The perfect casual outfit.

So Many Colors. So Many Ends.

I may have finally lost it.

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March 29, 2014

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go knit something with complicated charts. And possibly beads.

Adagio Teas Doctor Who Fandom Sampler

After realizing my local tea shop doesn't make me happy anymore (the owner, she is mean), and kind of hating Teavana on principle (seriously, that store is weird), I rediscovered Adagio Teas online. Someone had pointed out the fandom blends a long time ago, but I never ordered - until a little while ago. Not really knowing what I like, other than the basics of Earl Grey, English/Irish Breakfast, and anything with mint in it, I got one of the samplers, which often happen to be fandom-themed.

First try? The Doctor Who sampler by Cara McGee, obviously.

Adagio Teas Doctor Who Fandom Sampler

Captain Jack Harkness
This is definitely a dessert tea. It's rooibos and ceylon black tea, with notes of almond and chocolate, and a whiff of scotch as it cools. I drink it with a little bit of sugar, and occasionally a splash of milk, but really, it's great all by itself, because Captain Jack needs no accessories.

Rory Williams
For some reason, ginger in tea always kills it for me. I like it in food, but in tea, it's too sharp or something, so this isn't the tea for me. Besides the ginger taste, this is really good though, so if you like ginger in your tea, this is a great full-bodied tea, especially with just a bit of milk.

Rose Tyler
This is delicious. Sweet, fruity, flowery, caffeinated. So good. But how could it not be, with Earl Grey and berries and apples in it?

Donna Noble
I think I would like this one without the cinnamon. I love Irish Breakfast, and the orange peel gives it a lovely citrus-y undertone and scent, but the cinnamon is too sharp for me in tea - probably the same reason I don't like ginger in my tea. If cinnamon is your thing (say, you get that Christmas blend tea at the grocery store), you should try this one. It does make a great builder's tea, which makes sense. You know Donna brought Wilf some builder's tea when they went stargazing together.

Amy Pond
I can't figure out what this one reminds me of - I feel like it's a tea I've had as a kid, but it's not coming to me. Either way, I'm not a fan. It's Christmas-y, but with too much citrus, and not enough tea flavor... or something. Maybe it's the cinnamon with the orange and the raspberry and the cranberry - it's too much, but still kind of boring. Sorry Amy, I love you, but this just isn't meant to be.

Martha Jones
Another dessert tea, with an odd but likable caramel note at the end. It's a little too spicy to become a true favorite (Jack is a better dessert tea), but it's really good with milk and sugar, and nice when a little bit of a change from my tea-related norm is needed.

Meh. It's not bad, but I think the coconut is bothering me. It works ok with milk and sugar (really, what doesn't), to make it more dessert-y, but I don't think it's something I would buy again.

Eww. I had a feeling I wouldn't like this one (gunpowder and chestnut, both not my faves), but seriously, this smells like dry rub for pork ribs. And tastes sort of like a mixture of cayenne pepper and stale Lipton's. Sorry Nine, but no. Not happening again, ever.

River Song
For something listed as having a whole bunch of different flavors, my first cup was remarkably flavorless. The second one was better, with some Earl Grey, plus citrus and eventually coconut, but everything was just sort of... blah. Maybe it's another one of those "too much of a good thing" things, and I'm not going to get rid of it or anything, but yeah, probably not something I'd buy again. Again.

It has chocolate in it. Like, actual mini chocolate chips. Part of my brain can't deal with that, the other part thinks this might be a great way to quell those cravings for hot chocolate without having to imbibe an entire mug of milk (which my stomach isn't a big fan of). I do sort of get the banana as well, but mostly it's chocolate black tea. Which you wouldn't think is good, but it actually is pretty delicious.

Overall, I'd call this pretty successful. Four teas to reorder, nine teas where I'll definitely finish the tin, and only one that's getting pawned off on some unsuspecting friends in the near future. That'll work.

Next? I'm thinking Supernatural. Because Crowley.



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